Stronger Together Week 3: Housing Experiences of Refugees in Cardiff

For our final week of our housing campaign, we hear about the reality of housing and homelessness for refugees in Cardiff Read more

Stronger Together Week 2: Housing Experiences of People Seeking Sanctuary

This week, we share the housing experiences of people seeking sanctuary, and what they would change. We will also look at resources and organisations that offer support. Read more

Stronger Together Week 1: Terminology

What is UASC? NRPF? How is initial accommodation different to dispersal? Get your guide here! Read more

Stronger Together Week 1: Tai Pawb & Oasis Spotlight on Housing Issues

We will be demystifying the housing sector for people seeking sanctuary starting with the basics. What is the process for asylum seekers like? Read more

2023 At Oasis

A reflection on another year at Oasis. Read more

Choose us as your Co-op cause!

We are so excited to announce that we are now part of the Co-op Local Community Fund and Co-op members can now choose Oasis as their cause! Read more

Food, friends, and fun are the perfect ingredients for a warm Welsh welcome

Oasis Cardiff help young refugees to integrate into the local community while bringing exciting new flavours to the city’s culinary scene. Read more

Mind-Spring: Helping Refugees and Asylum Seekers Rebuild Their Lives

Find out more about Mind-Spring by reading about Ali's experience. Read more