If you appreciate the work that we do, and you would like to help in some way there are a number of ways in which you can fundraise for us. Do something you love doing, or maybe so something you've never done before!

Fundraising for us can be as simple as setting up an online fundraiser page with some information about what we do. Everyone is welcome to use any of the text, photographs, and videos that we have here on our website to help encourage donations.
Here is a list of some of the fundraiser pages that have been used in the past: 

- Just Giving 
- Easyfundraising
- GoFundMe
- Crowdfunder
- Facebook

Fundraising this way can be somewhat more successful when the fundraiser involves themselves in an activity or offers up something for sale. Here are some examples of what people or we as a charity have done in the past: 

- Cardiff Half Marathon
- Newport Marathon
- Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
- Family Photography Studio Day
- Bake Sales
- Live Music Events
- Face Painting 
- Online Auctions
- Using Good For Work on items for sale
- Holding a fundraiser event for us at your venue 
- Pub Quiz
- Storytelling Events


If you have fundraised for us in the past we would love to hear your story and why you chose to fundraise for us, watch below to find out about Charlotte's experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Charlotte's Kilimanjaro Story:

Louisa's Fundraising Story: 

"I first came across your charity with a little help for my local Instagram followers, when I put out a request to recommend small Welsh Charities to me. 
I feel that as a small Cardiff charity, you're doing vital work building really strong relationships within my own community and this has a massive positive impact close to home. I was really drawn to the 'warm Welsh welcome' ethos of what you do! 
I work part-time for a Work-Based Learning training provider that focuses on supporting people in work, apprenticeships, and employability skills. The fact that you're keen to learn and be inspired by the cultures and traditions you are exposed to by your clients is close to my heart, having worked with a number of BIPOC and asylum seekers myself in my role as a trainer in work-based learning.
The help you provide in encouraging community integration, women-only sessions, supper clubs and so much more is making Cardiff a much better place. With your help, Cardiff will be a city of acceptance and one where everyone is welcome, loved, and valued.
Also, the girls who I have been in touch with while I did my fundraising have been so helpful with my fundraising project and this really inspired me and spurred me on!"

Louisa owns her own business (Baked By Lou) and has supported us by selling her items and using Work for Good to donate a percentage of her earnings to us, she also donated us a handmade item for our online auction fundraiser during COVID-19. 


We are so grateful to anyone and everyone who has taken the time and effort to fundraise for us.
Here is a list of creatives and organisations who have fundraised or supported us during fundraising events, if you haven't decided on what your fundraiser could be yet, maybe visit these pages and support them in the meantime. 

- The Sessions Cardiff  
- Splott Community Volunteers
- The Gate
- Cardiff University 
- The Mermerings 
- Elliot Oakley
- Tess Seymour Photography
- Lucy & Yak 
- Migrant Help
- Cardiff Vineyard Church
- Kemi's
- Global Gardens
- Geet Lush 
- Eartha
- Plenish 
- Blancot
- Makeup By Billie 
- Hotpod Yoga
- YMU Group
- Sams Clinic
- Coop
- Pretty Little Props
- Lush
- Wonderbrass
- Curtis Hughes
- Kitty Illustrates 
- The Sparklettes