We are so excited to announce that we are now part of the Co-op Local Community Fund and Co-op members can now choose Oasis as their cause!

For every £1 members spend on Co-op branded products, 1p will go towards providing refugees and asylum seekers a warm, nutritious meal. Many asylum seekers & refugees experience financial hardship and we know from surveying our clients that the cost-of-living crisis, particularly the rising costs of food, is having a drastic effect on refugees’ mental health. Prohibited from working, asylum seekers have limited resources and rely on financial support from the Home Office. For most, this amounts to £47.39 per person and is supposed to cover food, clothing, toiletries and travel. Asylum support used to track mainstream benefits but the breaking of this link has seen Asylum Support flatline and there has been a decrease in it’s real value - meaning that the weekly allowance has not been adjusted for inflation and is not adequate in today’s economy.

At Oasis, receiving a daily meal free of charge relieves some financial pressure for the people who visit and is one less meal to worry about. In addition to a hot meal, we also provide a range of services that delivers far-reaching, holistic support and aims to empower asylum seekers and refugees to develop skills and help them integrate into their communities. This support ranges from casework support, English classes, and art, sport and music activities.  

How do you choose us?

Choosing us is easy! Existing and new Co-op members can select us as their cause on their account or the app. When you shop at the Co-op make sure to swipe your member card to earn rewards and support us. You can find our Co-op page here. For those who aren't a member, you can sign up here.