According to research, women refugees take longer to integrate, take longer to learn English, have poorer health and are often victims of sexual and gender based violence. Often the main caregiver to children and the person completing the majority of housework, support can be far less accessible to women refugees - an issue we want to address. 

Each person’s experience of seeking sanctuary is different, and there are a number of difficulties that women may have that men may not. Our integration caseworkers are happy to support people of any gender and refer to services with tailored support if necessary.

Although women are encouraged to attend our mixed gender activities, we understand that this isn’t for everyone and so we provide women’s only activities including women’s health and beauty, exercise, language classes and a women’s WhatsApp group which is a great way to meet people and receive support for any issues women may be facing.

Health & Beauty

The Women’s Health & Beauty is a safe space for women to come together and paint nails, collect free toiletries and have fun. We occasionally have visitors from other organisations who speak on a range of topics such as breast cancer, health screening, activities provided by other local services, destitution, support groups, parenting, FGM, and more. 

We are always looking for volunteers for this group so if you have a particular skill you would like to share such as threading or massage, fill out a volunteering application here.

Women’s Music and Drumming

Oasis One World Choir is an external organisation that comes to make music at Oasis through song, movement and instruments. The group convenes throughout the week and regularly performs at local events. This is open to all.  

More details on our activities timetable.


Research shows that women are less likely to attend ESOL classes, and have lower levels of fluency and literacy than men, which doesn’t change until they have been in their new country for 18 months. Speaking the local language is essential for integration - to connect with others and find paid employment - which has a huge impact on wellbeing.

It is incredibly important to us to make ESOL classes as accessible as possible for our female clients, so we have free creche provision during our weekly women’s only ESOL class. Women are also welcome to attend our mixed drop-in ESOL classes, but these do not have creche provision.

If you’d like to find out more about ESOL, contact [email protected]