Mind Spring is a preventive psycoeducational group programme for asylum seekers and refugees that is presented in the participants' native language. It is always facilitated by a trainer who has a refugee background.

Each session is carried out by a Mind-Spring trainer and a co-trainer, who is a mental health professional. Each contributes from his or her own professional expertise. Mind-Spring is currently run in multiple languages including Kurdish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, Spanish, French, Tigrinya, Russian and English.

The main goal of the Mind-Spring programme is to improve the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees, help them to integrate socially and culturally and empower them to build a future in their new community.

Through seven weekly two hour sessions, we look together to help the participants build a strong and positive identity and increase their sense of control over their future. After completing the course, participants are awarded with a certificate and a celebration.

Upcoming Mind-Spring Sessions

Please check back here for future updates on Mind-Spring courses.

Interested? Contact Meddia Kendi for further information at [email protected] or on 07717147919. 



    “After joining MS sessions, I recognised that it’s not only me who has problems and that my issues seem small in comparison to others. When I first came, my mentality was sub-zero. I feel stronger and learned that everything
    is possible.”

    “When I arrived, I felt alone and isolated. Now I feel I have a “family” and I can share my sad and happy experiences with the group. I was always waiting and counting the days between sessions. We learned a lot of things we weren’t aware of. I would like the programme to continue. 10/10 for this programme.”

    "This programme should be called the "happiness programme". It changed my life. I count the days to the next session."

    "Mind-Spring should become a mandatory course for every asylum seeker when they first arrive to the UK. If I've had received this training when I first arrived, I'm sure that my life was going to be different."

    “We all have stress or problems in life. Before I attended the course I dealt with problems in a different way – now I know how to deal with them better. Before, if I had an issue I would smoke, now I would recommend making friends, going outside, and relaxing.”

    "If my stress before the course was 10/10, it is now 2/10. Before the course the environment in the hotel was very stressful. I was very isolated and depressed. I learnt how to deal with stress and concerns. 

    Winner of the 2023 Cardiff Life Health & Wellbeing Award