Mind-Spring is a psychoeducational group program by and for asylum seekers and refugees that is presented in the participants’ native language. It is always run by a trainer who has a refugee or immigrant background.

The main goal of the Mind-Spring program is to improve the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees, help them integrate socially and culturally, empower them to build a future in their new community, and increase their sense of control.

Through the Mind-Spring program, we look together for balance in your life so that you can find your way and build a new strong, and positive identity in your new community.

The program is not curative, but rather preventive. We can’t help participants in the asylum procedure. Mind-Spring is a group program, so everything is discussed as a group. If a participant doesn’t feel comfortable sharing some issues in the group, he/she may share them with the trainer after the session. 

Number of participants: 8-15.

The topics covered are:

  • A normal reaction to an abnormal situation
  • Stress, stress symptoms, and the vicious cycle
  • How to cope/deal with stress
  • Loss and mourning
  • How do I become who I want to be?
  • A spring towards the future

Each Mind-Spring program consists of:

  • An Info Session (1 hour)
  • Six two hour sessions, which end with 15 minutes of relaxation exercises
  • The last session ends with feedback and a party to celebrate completion of the course
  • A cultural trip after completing the course


Here is some feedback we have received from our previous sessions

Wigdan: “After Mind-Spring I learned how to think positively. I also learned
that anyone who has experienced loss, better to stand up again and try to
regain what they have lost”

Fadela: "I am from Kuwait. I have been in the UK for 2 years, but I haven't
studied or done anything. I didn't have any hope. I always had negative
energy and pessimism. It's only after joining Mind-Spring sessions that I
decided to go to college. Meddia helped me change my view. I am more
optimistic now and I want to be a part of any program I can be. I want to thank
Oasis from top to bottom for their support.”

Maisa: “After joining MS sessions, I recognised that it’s not only me who has
problems and that my issues seem small in comparison to others. When I first
came, my mentality was sub-zero. I feel stronger and learned that everything
is possible.”

Yusif: “To be a refugee is not easy and Mind-Spring helped us to deal with
these feelings. Mind-spring is a very good and beneficial program. I have
transferred what I have learned to my family as well. My wife who was always
crying and alone is now much happier.”

Abdalla: “When I arrived, I felt alone and isolated. Now I feel I have a “family”
and I can share my sad and happy experiences with the group. I was always
waiting and counting the days between sessions. We learned a lot of things
we weren’t aware of. I would like the program to continue. 10/10 for this

For more information contact Meddia Kendi at [email protected] or 07717147919