We are proud to offer refugees a Warm Welsh Welcome here at Oasis. Part of this mission involves helping refugees settle into their new homes. At the end of our Mind Spring program, a new cohort of clients gets to go on a trip to a cultural landmark in Cardiff. Engaging with local landmarks and local history is important for anyone anywhere in the world, so we’re very pleased to be able to undertake these visits with our Mind Spring cohorts.

On the most recent of these trips, 18 families got to visit Cardiff Castle. Not only were the 38 kids very eager to visit, but the families were also all presented with Castle Keys. This gives them free access to the Castle for three years – a wonderful way of presenting the families with a warm Welsh welcome! 

Cardiff Castle is one of the longest-standing pieces of Cardiff’s history. So, it’s a very important landmark for visitors and residents alike. Visiting it with a Castle Key means these families have free access to one of the oldest historical sites in Wales, and thus a means of connecting with the city they now call home.