This is Osman. He travelled from Sudan to the UK nine years ago, leaving his mother and three-year-old son behind in hope of creating a safer life for them all in the UK.

Whilst he was waiting for his refugee status Osman threw himself into so many opportunities, from volunteering in the kitchen, being involved in the three peaks challenge, to supporting our boss Reynette when she ran the Cardiff half marathon.
After several years, he finally received his refugee status, and now nine years later (to the day), Osman, his mother, and his now 12-year-old son Hamudi have been reunited.

Osman is now working with our team to get Hamudi into school and to help his mother and son receive refugee status as well.
This year has meant many of us haven't been able to see our family, but we're so glad that this one has come back together after such a long time apart, and we wish them a happy life together here in Wales.

It's also thanks to your support that our integration team is able to reunite families who have been torn apart so if you wish to support us in any way you can do so by visiting our donate page and gifting us a one-off donation or you can become a regular donor. 

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