Being able to use a mobile phone is vital in this day and age. They can help you do almost anything, from booking train tickets to applying for a job to phoning your loved ones. So, who better offer free SIM cards to refugees and others who find themselves digitally excluded than Vodafone?

Oasis is one of the hundreds of charities lucky enough to benefit from the "everyone connected" campaign being run by the provider. The aim of this campaign is to connect one million people who are currently digitally excluded – that is, those living with no phone, tablet, or reliable internet connection. Oasis has received 400 SIM cards that provide six months of free texts, data, and calls. That’s six months of being able to call home or contact prospective employers or the doctor for free. 200 more SIM cards are on their way in the coming weeks.

Not only does this allow our clients to communicate with loved ones in their home country, it means we can add an extra layer to our warm Welsh welcome: it allows us and our community to keep in touch with each other more easily. Having a phone can be freely used to build links here with new friends and stay up to date with our services.

We are very grateful to Vodafone for letting us be a part of the campaign. If you or anyone you know could benefit from this scheme, please contact [email protected] 

Written By Nick Dunn