The majority of our clients live and receive support from organisations in one area of Cardiff, which means they are unlikely to explore and enjoy other areas of the city that could have a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

This project aims to tackle this issue by providing free bikes and regular bike maintenance for our clients. This will provide our clients with social mobility, independence as well as a sense of belonging.

Our main aim at Oasis Cardiff is to ensure all refugees and asylum seekers feel welcomed and embraced in our city and having the ability to explore their new home in Cardiff.
What does access to a bike mean to asylum seekers and refugees?

Freedom to explore their new city
Enhanced mental health and wellbeing
Independence to travel outside of their area
Anyone that rides a bike knows what it can bring into your life.
Freedom, independence and a cost-effective way to travel.
Refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff live on very little money so being able to ride a bike to appointments, or to socialise can be life-changing.
Having access to a bike can provide refugees and asylum seekers with the independence to move freely around the city. 
Thank you to everyone who donated to the Cycle Cardiff #ShareToRepair campaign!
Reaching the target of £2,537 will allow us to run this project for 6 months and provide bikes and independence to over 250 refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff.
Every penny will be going towards improving the mental health and wellbeing of our clients.
Your donations really will make a difference to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers who are already facing so many challenges.
All of the money donated will go directly towards providing and fixing bikes to refugees and asylum seekers.

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