“Food is essential and food is what brings people together”

A huge thank you to National Emergencies Trust for financially supporting us during COVID-19, a challenging time for many.

To support groups like this, please visit: https://www.dowhatyoucan.net/

During COVID-19 volunteering has been a good way for our clients to keep busy and stay connected, listen to Morrison's touching story in the video below, and find out why funding support is so vital for our charity.  


" I left South Sudan when I was 18 years old of age. And I left the country due to the war that had broken. The journey was really difficult. I was with my friend and he got killed on the way. Losing my friend, it was so hard and things that I've been through during the journey it is something that you can barely forget in mind. Oasis helped, me rebuild myself, its like home for me. I am so grateful to be able to repay back the community of what they have done to me."