Impact Report 2021 Summary

Oasis Cardiff strives to create a ‘Warm Welsh Welcome’ to refugees and asylum seekers living in Cardiff and South Wales. By helping to build language, cultural, and job-related skills, we hope to see families and individuals fully integrated into life in their communities, gaining full independence and building a future for themselves in the UK. Our aim is to create a welcoming, engaging and supportive environment where clients can flourish and feel part of a community. Whilst we are a growing organisation, many clients, staff, and volunteers have attributed Oasis to being like a family because of the strong commitment and care that is taken at every level.

The start of 2021 required real adjustment as we continued to adapt our services to the changing rules and restrictions associated with the Coronavirus outbreak. Many support providers in Cardiff were unable to continue projects, meaning that a gap in support services appeared. Noticing this, we’ve found that staying open and providing consistent and reliable services for our clients has been critical in a time marked by such hardship. With the incredible help of volunteers and our dedicated team, Oasis could continue operating by offering daily hot meals and food, welfare checks and emotional support, essential items, ESOL classes, and advice and support about the Coronavirus. These areas of support became a crucial anchor for many who felt overwhelmed by the stormy chaos of the pandemic.


In 2022 we have been excited to continue building our network with external partners, as we seek to join with other organisations that are supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the city and work with them to provide unified and holistic support across Wales. At Oasis, we advocate for clients by working with a coalition of refugee organisations, mental health practitioners, and government officials to support policy change and improved services on the ground to affect real change.

We value the opportunity to acknowledge how far we’ve come during what was a challenging year, and we’re excited to look ahead at all that’s to come in 2022.

Download our full impact report for 2021 below

2021 Impact.pdf