It has been a really strange time, the whole world has had to deal with uncertainty, fear, disappointment, loss, and even racism.  
But with this seems to come, a new sense of community. A community that is thriving because of the kindness and nurturing of others, a community that is connecting so positively, that new ideas and partnerships seem to be blossoming.

In the last 3 months, we have received so many online donations that we have lost count. Our volunteer coordinator has signed up over 50 new volunteers for either cooking, food deliveries, or remote volunteering.

We have had media coverage from BBC Wales, ITV, and Cardiff TV. Myself and our Family Integration Officer ran a successful online auction with some amazing items donated by some amazing organisations & businesses. We raised £2000 thanks to those who bid on items.  

We are currently spending within a week, what we usually spend in a month on food. Most weeks we make 2,500 food parcels, not only for our clients but also for Noah's Ark Charity and those who are vulnerable in our community. In response to this, we have received food donations from our local and wider community, our volunteers, Ripple, Sen Bakery, Emily's Kitchen, Wild Thing, Holy Yolks, and many more.  

The ways in which our community supports us during this time continues to grow each day. Even though we have been physically separated from each other, it has brought us to a new togetherness.

Written By Tess Seymour