We have been awarded over £1.5m as part of the National Lottery Community Fund’s 'Mind our Future' project.

Mind our Future distributes £10m to nine partnerships in Wales, which aims to create a more resilient and mentally healthy future for young people. The project aims to enable young people to take ownership over their mental health as the changemakers of the future. Young people are involved in all levels of the project - from the grant application process to the decision-making panel.

We will use this funding to form a steering group of young refugee and asylum seeking people to create change in the community. The project will be co-produced by the group and thus has no set structure.

According to
research, asylum seekers are 5x more likely to have mental health needs than the general population, due to trauma experienced before, during and after fleeing their home country. You can find out more about refugee and asylum seeker mental health here.

“It has been vital for us to get the opportunity to empower and echo the voices of young people as they tackle their own mental health and bring positive change to local and national policy.” Richard Eynon, Oasis Cardiff Deputy CEO.

Beginning in June, the project aims to create systemic change over a period of seven years. It will create five new  jobs, including one for a young person with lived experience of seeking asylum.

This project will be delivered in partnership with Tros Gynnal Plant and Cardiff and Vale Health Inclusion Service.

We can’t wait to see the impact of this vital project, and are grateful to The National Lottery Community Fund for helping to bring our vision to life.

To find out more contact [email protected]