Suise Ventris-Field joined Oasis as Chief Executive on 1 April 2024. Before coming to Oasis, she was Chief Executive at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, inspiring people in Wales to learn about and take action on global issues. She has also worked in education and equality in Kenya, South Korea, Eritrea and Wales. 
"I'm incredibly excited to join Oasis as CEO and become part of an amazing team offering a warm Welsh welcome to people seeking sanctuary." 
As she settles in at Oasis, Susie will be meeting clients, volunteers, staff , trustees and partners and finding out what they love about Oasis and how we can do even better. "A key role for me over the first year will be co-creating an ambitious 10-year strategy for Oasis - this will give everyone involved in Oasis a chance to share hopes and ideas for what we can achieve together, and develop a concrete plan to get us there.
Wales has made a commitment to be a nation of sanctuary, offering a warm welcome to people who arrive in Wales, and giving people opportunities to not just survive but thrive. Oasis has a key role to play in this journey and I'm excited to be a part of that."
Earlier this month, Susie and her friend, Rachel, ran the Vale of Glamorgan Ultra Marathon and raised over £3,000 for Oasis! What a fantastic achievement!
You can email Susie on [email protected] if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas you'd like to share.

Susie at the Vale of Glamorgan Ultra Marathon finish line.