We may all be aware of the distressing news reaching us from the state of Afghanistan at the moment. It is always incredibly sorrowful to see a country full of such rich and vibrant culture and history, have the individuals and families be subject to such atrocities. Furthermore, it is, even more, a shame that we, in the West, have only received news on Afghanistan through the lens of war and destruction; disregarding the celebration of the unique factors that contribute to any society: art; music; food. 
The Plate project always seeks to use food as a vehicle for dialogue between individuals of different cultural backgrounds, therefore we feel it's our duty to share our love for Afghani cuisine as a way of adding positive information about the people of Afghanistan and their rich food heritage. 
The dish we share with you this month is Qorma E Sabzi; a braised beef and spinach stew. This recipe for Sabzi is an Oasis Kitchen favourite and we thought it important to share it with you at this time. A braised spinach dish accented with loads of dill and lemon, it’s everything that classic Afghan cooking should be: nourishing, comforting, clever in its simple use of seasonings, inexpensive, and immensely easy to make. The type of dish you would find on any family table within Afghanistan. We hope you try it and enjoy the fragrant deliciousness of the dish as much as we do.