The Food Trailer’s crew is working on bringing novelty to the menu. Meanwhile, most of the dishes on the current menu are still a hit.

When you’re onto a good thing stick with it! It’s a tempting adage to follow especially if the dishes on your menu are hit among your customers. However here at Oasis, innovating continually is a golden rule. During their debriefing meeting after the session of the fifth of April, the Food Trailer’s crew decided to once again tackle the equation. “We thought about bringing some changes to the menu by putting in some novelties,” Says Matt.  “It’s important to keep offering something new to customers.” He adds. Being creative is always a challenge and that challenge gets particularly higher when you have positive feedback from your customers. To give you an idea, here’s a look back at some reactions a few minutes earlier.

Theresa:  “I enjoyed the Falafel wrap. I picked it because I was looking for something not local. I especially liked the vegetables, salad and the sauce’’.

Anna:” the food was amazing and I would recommend it to anybody. I had the Albanian Pie which is spinach and feta and it’s just amazing. I like the taste and texture. I never had Albanian Pie before and it’s so nice to get the opportunity to have it.”

Helen: “I loved the meatballs and its sauce. The actual meatballs makes itself. The spices are completely unfamiliar.

Lesley (Ann’s friend):  “The food is delicious, it’s very nice. I had the vegan spinach pie which is the Albanian Pie minus the feta with some rice and it’s really tasty. It’s something different from what I normally eat.”

Now I am hungry for more information.  What changes is the crew planning to bring? Are some of the dishes are going to be replaced? Which ones?  Above all, what countries do the new dishes originate in? …Hush! The chef is like “Let’s keep it a surprise!”   

That evening, innovation has also been the keyword for the choir. Choir leader Laura and her team have added new moves to their repertoire. A Greek folk dance called Misirlou. According to the story it was created in the 1940s in the Greek-American community in Pittsburg by adapting steps of a traditional Greek Island dance to a song from the Eastern Mediterranean region called Misirlou. At first sight, you will call it a circle dance.  Yet if you get on the floor you will quickly realize how complex and exciting it can be. And no worries if you feel you are not the best line dancer. The idea for the choir and guests alike was to extend a warm welcome promoting togetherness and friendship. “It’s really lovely to come along, and that way we are supporting Oasis and very love because we can all share everybody’s culture and one universal thing is music,” says Anna. Same for Lesley: ”The music transcends languages and we can communicate with each other without the barriers that we normally have. ”Feel free to come it a go.

Written By Joseph Gnagbo