To celebrate the success of Wasteless Wednesdays, the recipe this month will highlight a giant of the Oasis Kitchen; Falafel. Falafel is really a universal food within the Oasis Kitchen. Our chefs come from a multitude of cultural and ethical backgrounds and, especially those from North African and Middle Eastern countries, they all have their own take on what falafel should be and how it should be consumed. The universal flexibility of this glorious fried chickpea ball means that even the chefs that have never heard Falafel before, are able to add their own twist by switching up the herbs, spices, seasonings and even choice of bean (kidney bean falafel is a must try!) to reflect their own culinary heritage. We have given you our trusted falafel recipe here but, like most recipes, you should use it as a guideline for quantities, rather than gospel for ingredient selection. Create your own falafel masterpiece and send us a pic, we’re mad about falafel here!