The Supper Club held its 4th session on Thursday 28th February. The event was an opportunity for guests to discover Chinese culture and cuisine, and also to meet new people in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Enjoyment was clearly visible on the faces. The guests at the 4th session of the Supper Club expressed their pleasure at having shared an “unforgettable” moment of “discovery and friendliness”. Indeed, speaking of discovery, specifically culinary discovery, the fourteen diners effectively tried something different, not what you’d find in a Chinese takeaway! For example, tender, succulent white fish steaks – conger eel nonetheless – flash fried after having been slowly steamed in the oven – glazed with ginger and soy, as part of the main dish. The other curio was a dessert called Tremella and Lotus Seed Soup. Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? In any case, Tremella seemed to beg the question of: “What is it?”. Matt, the chef, revealed a whole story of skin care and beauty: “It’s an anti-ageing traditional soup packed with superfoods’’ he explains to the guests who are now starting to recognise some of the ingredients in their dessert cup. Red dates, goji berries, lotus seeds… Still, most of them were yet to figure out the main ingredient: snow fungus! It’s packed with collagen, a protein known for giving structure to your skin, improving its elasticity and moisture and reducing wrinkles. “Good reason to fancy Tremella!’’ someone says, triggering a burst of laughter around the table.

Now on the topic of the friendly atmosphere, here are some reactions from the diners:

Yasmin from Cardiff: “I liked trying different food, I love that this is supporting a cause. I came here with friends and really enjoyed meeting with people. So it’s really, really friendly. I and my husband are planning to come back.”

Sarah from Carmarthen: “Wnes i fwynhau profiad bwyd gwahanol. Twplenni wedi stemio yw fy hoff fwyd.  A wnes i fwynhau r pyscod ynfawr. Wnes i joio cwrdd â phobl newydd, siarad gyda phobl newyyd hefyd a roedd pawb yn hapus i gal sgurs (laughter). Dw i’n mynd i ddod yn ôl yn bendant.”

(I really liked trying different food. The dumplings were my favourite. And I loved the fish. I also liked meeting and speaking with new people and people were happy to chat. I will definitely come back again)

Angella from Carmarthen: “Really enjoyed the people, it’s such a diverse community. The chat was very informative and informal at the same time.”

Sharlet from Splott, Cardiff: “Everything coming up was a surprise. I also really like the one big table for everybody.”

Shay from Splott: “The supper was great right from start, from the dumplings to the soup. Sharing was great.”

Dan from Roath, Cardiff: “It’s nice to have such excellent Chinese food. The taste was really unique.”

Lia from Roath: “I really liked the mushroom dumplings especially its texture inside. I also loved the dessert because I don’t like things that are too sweet, and it wasn’t. I think it’s probably very good for the stomach. I also liked this room. I find it more intimate than the previous settings and suitable to have a conversation. And it was good company.”

Written by Joesph Gnagbo