We can't carry out our services without the help of our community.
This year especially, we've had to rely on generous donations from you to make sure that all of our clients receive regular healthy meals, toiletries, access to English classes, and more support services during such an uncertain time.
By becoming a regular giver, you could help us to plan further into the future and provide a wider array of services to our clients.
For a refugee or asylum seeker, having a session with one of our integration officers means that they're able to receive the support, advice, and guidance to enable their integration and resettlement into this country.
This service is essential for our clients' mental health and wellbeing as it allows any problems to be solved as soon as possible.
There are many barriers to being able to settle in a new community.
One of them is not knowing the local language or lack of access to learning materials.
A regular donation of £20 can provide monthly stationary and learning equipment for refugees and asylum seekers to expand their language skills.
An important part of successfully integrating into the community is learning English, which is why we provide free language test preparation for all of our clients.
By giving £50 per month, you can help to keep this vital service going.

Become a regular giver on our donations page or send us a one-off donation below. 

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