Refugees and asylum seekers often face numerous challenges when they arrive in a new country, including trauma, loss, and cultural shock. Moreover, social isolation and difficulties in building relationships with individuals in their new community can exacerbate the challenges these individuals face. By participating in programs like Mind-Spring, refugees and asylum seekers can learn essential skills to overcome these obstacles.

Thankfully, there are programs like Mind-Spring that are designed to provide these individuals with the tools and resources they need to reintegrate successfully into society.

As someone who has benefited from Mind-Spring, I can say that this program has transformed my life. It has given me hope and a sense of purpose, and it has enabled me to overcome the many obstacles I faced when I arrived in the UK. Thanks to Mind-Spring, I now have the tools and resources I need to succeed, and I am confident that I can build a bright future for myself.

If you are a refugee or asylum seeker struggling to navigate the challenges of a new country, I encourage you to explore the many resources available to you, including programmes like Mind-Spring. With the right support, you too can overcome the challenges you face and build a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you'd like to donate to Mind-Spring, head over to our campaign page on the Big Give website, where your donation will be doubled, One donation, twice the impact.

Written by Ali Al-Anbaki