Catering At Oasis

Directly connected to the aims and objectives of The Plate Project, the catering team at Oasis aim to showcase the vibrant and varied cuisine of our service users. Catering by Oasis is presented in many different ways, from our informal street food pop-ups to our more intimate Supper Club events; we really aim to present the rich food heritage in the centre, in as many accessible forms as possible. Working closely in collaboration with the clients, Matt (Catering Manager) and Kemi (Catering Consultant) endeavour to take a world wealth of dishes and share them with the wider public. The ways in which Oasis strives to achieve this can be seen below.

Street Food

Having access to an incredible food trailer has meant that our delicious food has hit the road many times! A regular at music and food festivals alike, the Oasis catering team can be found serving up original, scratch-made falafel and eclectic salads. Oasis street food isn’t akin to one particular cuisine, rather a celebration of collaboration and inspiration. The trailer can be seen close to home on our regular car park pop-ups, or further afield at music festivals such as Green Man. Images of our wonderful clients enjoying time on the trailer can be seen below. For more information on our festival timetable, click the following link (link to a festival calendar for 2021?).


Supper Clubs 

We at Oasis are always keen to engage with the outside community and take any opportunity to open our doors to whoever wants to check out the work we do. What better way than to engage with us than over a three-course meal? Held on the last Thursday of every month, our Supper Clubs explore the food heritage and culture of a specific country; inspired by the individuals who work with us in the kitchen. From Ecuador to Russia; Syria to China, the supper clubs give you a unique experience to eat the world on a plate, all from our wonderful centre. Images from previous events can be seen below. If you would like to join us for our next event, please click the following link. The menus are released two weeks prior to the event. Find our Supper Club event pages click here.


Private Events

Not only do we provide opportunities for you to come and dine with us, but we also bring wonderful world food to you. Our catering team has a wealth of experience for any private catering need. Be it big or small, lavish or modest, Oasis is here to help with any catering enquiry. We offer a range of cold buffet options, which like our street food is an eclectic reflection of our clients' food heritage, which can be delivered straight to your office meeting or party. Or, if you would prefer something hot, we are able to provide you with beautifully prepared fresh dishes. An example of our buffet options can be seen in the images below. For more information on prices and menu items please see the documents below. 



If you would like to request an order please contact our Catering Manager Matt 
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 02921850062


Pop-Ups and Kitchen Takeovers 

It’s really important for us at Oasis to provide opportunities for our clients to work with other catering establishments throughout Cardiff. It’s our aim to create a network of relationships with members of the Cardiff food community through a series of pop-ups and kitchen takeovers. The format of these events are very similar to those of our supper clubs however were able to bring our food and clients stories to the wider community. So far we have worked with the likes of the Wales Millennium Centre, the Temple of Peace and Kemi’s in Pontcanna to spread our food joy (images can be seen below). As the nature of these events are ad-hoc, the best place to find updates on our calendar is through our social media pages.  



The Oasis catering team is ever-expanding, learning and improving. Some of our most trusted, experienced team members started off through volunteering on our smaller events. As we have grown, so have they. We always aim to provide the best experience, not only for our customers but for our team members. I’d you would like to volunteer as part of the catering team and take the opportunity to develop skills, experience and qualifications click here to find out the roles we have available and how to apply.