Oasis Cardiff is a registered charity that aims to support refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff. Our vision is that refugees and asylum seekers will feel welcome in our city and that they are able to integrate into their local community.

We are looking for some creatives from any part of the world and of any age range to design something unique and vibrant for our new line of Oasis Cardiff t-shirts. 

We are hoping to print a design that incorporates our values and aims as a charity as well as shows off the endless talents of our supporters.

Each sale in our online shop provides us with financial support to be able to maintain and run Oasis Cardiff for refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff.

It also helps spread the word of how important it is to welcome and embrace those who have no choice but to flee their native country.  

The Details

Submissions are open from 5 pm on Friday 9th October - Midnight 31st October

2 T-Shirt designs (and two artists) will be chosen by our core staff team to be printed and sold on our website. 

Each artist will have their design printed onto eco-friendly t-shirts and sold on our online shop.

Each artist will be credited, featured on our website and have a t-shirt (of their design) to keep.

Additional prizes will be given, which will be revealed at a later date. 

The Requirements

You don’t have to be an illustrator, graphic designer or professional artist to submit, you just have to have a creative eye and a passion for our charity, what we do and who we support.

However, we do have some requirements that we would like each artist to follow. 

The design should be clear on white, black and coloured t-shirts (coloured optional).

- The design should have one version of our logo clearly shown (personal logos can also be used to promote your business/freelance/artist work).
(You can download versions of our logo at the bottom of this page).

- The design should incorporate your own creativity while embracing some of the branding styles provided in our Brand Style Guide. (You can download our Brand Style Guide at the bottom of this page). 

Optional Design Choices

We encourage all artists to design something that is unique to their style, however, we do have some optional suggestions.

- We have 3 main brand colours, the colour codes for these are included in our Brand Style Guide, please feel free to use these colours if they suit your style and design.

- Our main strapline is ‘Providing a warm Welsh welcome for refugees and asylum seekers’ if including this strapline within your design works please do feel free to use it.

- If your design would work well on a coloured t-shirt then please do include this colour along with either a black or white t-shirt design.

Everything you need



Brand Style Guide

T-Shirt Template (White)

T-Shirt Template (Black)


Your submission should include:

High-resolution images of your t-shirt designs

- One image of the design on its own

- One image of the design on the white t-shirt template (front and back)

- One image of the design on the black t-shirt template (front and back)

If you are including a coloured t-shirt in your submission one design on the desired colour (front and back)

About You

- A couple of sentences about you and a link to your online portfolio if you have one (this can be a website or Instagram profile)

- A couple of sentences that explains the thought behind your design and any requirements that you may have for the printing and selling of your t-shirts.

Please send your submission to [email protected] by Midnight on the 31st October 2020.
If any images are too large to email please use WeTransfer.com

If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to get in touch.