This North African spice blend will impart smokey sweet heat to anything it touches.

All of our spice packs have been made in collaboration with our clients, so each pack is perfectly mixed ready to add to a traditional North African dish or a dish of your own invention. 

Harissa North African Spice Pack (75g).

About The Plate:

The Plate is a project delivered in partnership with Oasis Cardiff, in which we aim to involve and engage the local and the wider community in the work we conduct with all of the amazing people who access our centre. The project enables an opportunity to deliver regular community events, inspired by the culinary prowess of our talented clients, in which we hope to create a melting pot of cultural food heritages from around the globe. Money raised from these events is put back into the organisation, contributing towards further help, activities, regular training and Cookery Clubs for those who have expressed an interest in cooking and catering.